About Us

Optimum LLC is a specialist contractor that provides a tailored supply & installation service of technical & engineered products, with a focus on acoustical solutions.


In collaboration with high quality European product suppliers and manufacturers, Optimum aims to continually acquire and develop knowledge which in turn, has  enabled us to become a leading company in the field of technical and engineered products.

Our product range covers:

  • Sound Absorption

  • Vibration Isolation

  • Decorative and Technical Coatings

  • Ceilings and Partitions

  • Exterior and Interior Wall Cladding

  • Polished Cementitious and Cast in Situ Terrazzo Floors

Optimum’s professional and highly motivated management team and skilled workforce are dedicated to quality, providing clients with complete and exemplary technical solutions.


We work closely with our clients to ensure their trust, whilst delivering the upmost quality and reliability. We believe this is of the upmost importance as we humbly recognize that core clients were once first time clients.





Our vision is to create a proactive, dynamic, and expanding environment by embracing challenge and venturing into new fields with total dedication to quality and a positive outlook for a limitless future.


To be perceived as a leading engineering company and a convincing partner to our clients and manufactures alike, by adopting a policy of honesty and dedication. Aiming to maintain constant growth and have a long term presence that provides a comprehensive and up to date product range. Whilst sustaining an absolute commitment to the quality of both the service and the end product.

To keep our teams fascinated and engaged by creating opportunities and challenges in a constant development process. Motivating them with our own dedicated efforts to help them meet their aspirations and ambitions.