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Optimum - Decorative Coatings and Artwork

Decorative Coatings & Artwork

Optimum’s Coatings and Artwork Division is a leader in the field with a highly experienced team, capable of executing a wide range of paint and coatings.


Combining 20 years of accumulated experience with enthusiasm to constantly improve, enables Optimum LLC to maintain strong presence in the gulf market. Together with our suppliers we work to provide a decorative coatings range that is current and corresponds to the latest trends in the design and building industry.

Optimum LLC offers a wide range of standard and custom designed coatings. Combining the high quality of the material provided by the manufacturer, with a skilled application and professional service, results in Optimum providing the highest performance requirements.


One step further in creating unique finishes is using oil paint, combined with various materials such as gold leaf. Perfect for feature walls,domes or any distinctive, eye-catching

interior element - each application of these finishes is a true work of art.

What started out as a complimentary service to decorative coatings and artistic decoration, grew to be one of the biggest and busiest divisions of the Company due to constant market demand for high quality gypsum works. With large number of standard items, as well as the possibility of customization, there is a large variety of designs we can propose and execute.


Optimum Logo

Optimum LLC was established in the UAE in 1996 and is the exclusive distributor and agent of numerous finishing and technical products in the gulf.


In collaboration with product suppliers and manufacturers, Optimum aims to continually acquire and develop knowledge which in turn, has already enabled us to become a leading company in the field of decorative coatings and artwork.

Optimum - Pandomo

ecoclay is an innovative covering for walls which uses natural clays without additives as its base. ecoclay clay plaster can be used to obtain insulating and acoustic effects as well as endless decorative possibilities that will stand out for their originality. 

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