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Dukta Flexible Wood

dukta is wood that has been engineered through a distinctive incision process in order to make it flexible. This means you have a lot more options when it comes to the application.


Not only is it visually pleasing for its technical talents, but it is beautiful in its ability to let creativity flow.

Most importantly, dukta has sound absorbing properties meaning you can use the corrugated material to create the most unique ceilings and walls, whilst making an acoustically composed environment.

When flat installed, dukta achieves high sound absorption across all frequencies, comparable to the best traditional absorbers. 

dukta is available in various colours and with 6 different incisions styles:






DUNA                  (only applicable to solid wood)

Optimum LLC is the UAE official based distributor for dukta 


dukta Konzertsaal.jpg
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