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Optimum - Walls and Floors

Walls and Floors

Optimum Walls & Flooring Division is a natural extension of the company’s previously established divisions, dedicated to Ceilings, Partitions and Decorative Coatings. The Wall & Flooring Division has a committed and creative team that helps bring your ideas to life, together with the technical support team. Our product range includes polished cementitious floors and walls, decorative MDF and solid wood panels, as well as decorative coatings.

Pandomo polished cementitious floors are the perfect complement to our range of polished plaster wall finishes, providing seamless surfaces to create contemporary interiors. On the other hand, Terrazzo floorings combine the attractiveness of a seamless polished surface with the beauty of natural materials, available in a variety of colours and grain size combinations.

Decorative wall panels are the first choice for a unique and outstanding wall design. Whether the goal is a natural, modern or extravagant appearance, this product can satisfy different tastes with a wide range of panel types. Our partner for decorative wall panels constantly introduces new panel designs, which experiment with various materials and forms.


Optimum - Pandomo

Pandomo is an elegant and easy way to design your floor or wall in a special way. Pandomo offers a perfect solution to every demand and keeps all architectural possibilities open. Whether patterned and uncolored or smooth and colorful , with Pandomo unique ideas come to life.



PLadec has Huge range of decorative Panels each decor  is special and one of its kind , its the place you will find all your decorative designs and needs.

keep checking the website because range is updated monthly with new finishes & ideas.


FunderMAx / interior HPL

Whether it is a matter of furniture, facades or interior fittings, FunderMax is the solution.

thanks to the wide choice of interior decors available, fundermax makes the most creative designs achievable.

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