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Optimum - Acoustical Solutions

Acoustic Solutions

The Acoustic Division provides solutions and products for architectural and mechanical acoustics in the gulf region, including the UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.


In order to provide a complete acoustic service, Optimum Group associates itself with reputable and experienced consultants and suppliers capable of providing practical and professional acoustic solutions.

Our acoustic product range includes high-quality products from exclusive manufactures all over the world.


Optimum Group offers their clients acoustic treatment in the form of foams and fabrics, acoustic enclosures, acoustic wood paneling as well as acoustic ceilings.

Our applications include:


  • mosques

  • museums

  • hospitals

  • cinemas

  • technical rooms

  • theatre
    ...and many more

Optimum - Topakustik

Situated in Switzerland and founded in 1991, Topakustik is a leading manufacturer of high-end acoustic elements for ceiling and wall cladding.


Topakustik is committed to the design, development, manufacturing and worldwide furnishing of  acoustic products of the very best quality, whilst meeting all architectural requirements and standards, creating perfect acoustics and aesthetic.

Founded in 2007, dukta is a Swiss product that perfectly pairs precision engineering with cutting edge design. Although it's made of wood, dukta is flexible due to a unique incision process, but most notably it is elevated for its acoustic  sound absorption .

Optimum - Fellert

The Swedish brand Fellert stands for innovative acoustic solutions for ceiling and walls and is especially popular with architects that are looking for an elegant and discreet product coupled with acoustic qualities.


Vecta Design is the professional manufacturer of stretch ceilings situated in Estonia. the company offers stretch ceilings made from a high quality PVC film and additional components for successful installation of stretch ceilings. All our products are European origin. 

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