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Topakustik combines design with acoustic benefits which are both important indicators of how a room affects its guests. While the eye regards the design, the ear senses the acoustics. The result is the feeling that the guests encounter when they enter the room. For an ideal effect, Topakustik offer different systems in line with the design and performance requirements.


Topakustik's sound absorbing system consists of the MDF panel (16mm) with partly open surface and an absorption mat (30 mm) placed behind (wall) or above (ceiling) the panel.

There are two main categories of the panels:

the grooved- Topakustik and the perforated- Topperfo.


Grooved System:


The grooved system is available in different surface finishes (painted to any RAL colour, natural wood veneer or melamine) as well as different formats and patterns. Depending on the groove width and spacing (narrow, medium or wide grooving) different visual effects can be achieved.

Topakustik - Grooved Panel
Topperfo - Perforated Panel

Perforated System:


The perforated system is available in different surface finishes (painted to any RAL color, natural wood veneer, melamine or custom laminate) as well as different formats, hole spacing and bore diameters- the smallest diameter being 0.4 mm only! Graphics can even be created on the panel face by customized perforations, turning acoustical panels in a works of art.  ​


Optimum is certified installer and specialist regional distributor of Topakustik. Local references can be found below.


local references >>

Customized Perforation - Graphic

For further information, please contact us.

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