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Optimum - External Cladding

External Cladding

The latest addition to Optimum’s range of products and services is exterior cladding. We are proud to be associated with one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality architectural panels for external application. The high impact and weather resistance of these panels, combined with a

fantastic facade system and fixing method guarantees a long-life. The panels are highly suitable for ventilated facades, although this is very technical, Optimums technical staff are fully committed to client support which enables us to offer the detailing and proper planning this work requires.


The External Cladding Division provides technical support with regard to panel size optimization, load calculation, fixing method, grid proposal, edges and joint solutions. We distribute External Cladding across the UAE as well as in Qatar and Saudi Arabia. 

Optimum - Trespa

Optimum LLC is working with leading companies in the field of external cladding and are for sourcing high quality panels. The collaboration with designers, architects, installers and end users enables the development of the best and most effective solutions. In spite of being so progressive - our manufacturers still find a way to combine technical and architectural benefit with modern and timeless design.

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