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Eco Clay

ecoclay is a natural clay covering for walls, without additives as its base. ecoclay clay plaster can be used to obtain insulating effects or endless decorative possibilities that stand out for their originality. It is one of the main materials used in ecological construction as it is non-toxic and eco-friendly. This versatility of clay also allows it  to be present in diverse environments such as country houses, straw huts, aristocratic mansions or urban lofts.

ecoclay is one hundred per cent organic and it can regulate humidity, increase energy saving due to its high thermal lag, improve odour absorption and is an efficient sound-proof (thanks to the clay being phono-absorbent, it is the ideal solution in saturated acoustic zones!) Hence why ecoclay coverings are perfect for locations such as health centers, hospitals and schools.

Clay has been used in construction for more than 9,000 years and now this ancient material is making a come back due to these countless benefits.

Optimum LLC provide ecoclay plaster in a number of finishes:


ecoclay clay plaster BASE+FIBRA, is similar to ecoclay BASE but it has a straw component as well. It is recommended for rough walls and radiant walls as it gives the necessary grip and thickness for the clay to fulfill its function.


ecoclay BASE is an indoor wall covering made up of a selected mixture of clay and sands from different granulometries and can be applied as a finishing plaster.



ecoclay ACABADO offers wide range of different mixtures of natural clays and sands which provide color to any surface.

Optimum also offer ecoclay paints, inspired by earth colours. The palette is made up of 12 shades, sourced from over 50 varieties of clay. The palette offers great versatility to designers as it is also possible to create engravings and many other art techniques.

ecoclayPLAC a completely natural solution for partition walls and false ceilings. Made up of ecoclay BASE + FIBER and jute mesh starched with starch.

Optimum LLC is the distributor for ecoclay across the the UAE and gulf region. 

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